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Jul 16th, 2011 | By David Anders | Category: Podcast

David Anders

On Friday, July 8, I was the guest on the Catholic Answers Live radio program, taking calls and questions from non-Catholics. The one-hour broadcast featured the following questions and discussions:

7′ A discussion of John Calvin’s view of his relation to the Catholic Church, the Catholic positions he affirmed, and his rejection of denominationalism.

15′ A discussion of the Catholic doctrine of communion of the saints, and whether the saints can hear our prayers.

22′ A discussion of legalism and scrupulosity among Catholics.

28′ Why is it difficult for Protestant leaders who recognize the truth of the Catholic Church to become Catholic? Wouldn’t remaining Protestant, in order to hold on to reputation, livelihood, etc. be contrary to Protestant theology?

33′ What are some resources for non-Catholics who want to understand the differences between Calvinism and Catholicism?

36′ What is the Catholic understanding of the relation between divine sovereignty and human freedom?

41′ How does the Catholic understanding of justification address the Reformed claim that the scriptural evidence supports the Protestant notion of justification by the imputation of the alien righteousness of Christ to the believer?

51′ What is the Catholic position on eternal security and the possibility of apostasy, and what is the support for that position?

Listen to the program:


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  1. It’s good to have ex-Calvinists back home in the Catholic Church.


  2. Dr. Anders you did fine in the Catholic Answers Q&A with non-Catholics. Thanks for sharing the Faith.

  3. I really enjoy when you are on the program. I hope you make more appearances.

  4. I found that call at 41 minutes in so good that I played it for others four times that day!

  5. Thank you very much Dr for your sharing. They will help us a lot on the situation that we are this days.

  6. David,

    My mouth fell open at minute 42. The doctrine of imputation was exactly the same reason why I stopped going to Protestant church and started attending Mass with my family. Keep up the good work.

    God bless,


  7. Your detailed response to that caller at 41′ was nothing less than superb. I was also impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge of the “once saved always saved” phenomenon at 51′

    I thank the Holy Spirit for calling you to be such a lucid apologist for HIS church.

  8. Seeing the Protestant and Catholic doctrines of Justification side-by-side did it for me too. I didn’t have the background to know that the Protestant doctrine was completely missing from 1500 years of Christianity, but I had read the entire (Protestant) canon of scripture and could tell, intuitively, that the Catholic doctrine was much easier to reconcile with Scripture than the Protestant doctrine, especially when one reads the Exodus narrative as a type of our salvation in Christ, and especially when one attends to the ‘spousal’ language of the prophets.

  9. Totally awesome, Dr. Anders!

  10. It was a great hour. Listening to some of the skeptics that called in that hour with educated, intelligent answers from Dr. Anders was fantastic. I look forward to more appearances from Dr. Anders on Catholic Answers Live.

  11. Dear Dr.Anders:
    I called you over a month ago, asking ‘why God allows suffering”, and why it seems to me ‘insufficient’ to say ‘so that greater good may come of it”. This was on the air, EWTN radio. You recommended to me that I read a wonderful woman Catholic theologian who has done a lot of work in this area. I have completely forgotten you she is. Would you kindly tell me here name again, so that I may look her up and by a few of her books.
    Very gratefully in Christ,
    Paul Wood, Toronto

  12. If anyone is looking for the link to the audio referenced above, the new link is:

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