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Sep 2nd, 2014 | By David Anders | Category: Radio


Dear Friends,

Today at 2:00 PM Eastern, we launch the new EWTN Radio Show Called to Communion.

We hope to encourage collaboration across media (internet and radio) as we continue to discuss what divides us as Christians and as human beings.

You can listen to the show live at this link.

I welcome your prayers, your support, and your calls.

Thank you,

David Anders

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  1. Will you post the show online afterwards?

  2. For those of us in other time zones; will the CTC segment be recorded and made available as a podcast?

    Pax Christi in regno Christi :-)

  3. Thanks everyone.

    The Podcast will be available at and itunes.

    I’ll post it when it becomes available.


  4. This is really great news. Called to Communion was very influential in my journey to the Church, and in my view, it fills a much-needed niche in well-informed and well-educated people with personal experience on both sides of conversion.

  5. Praise the Lord! CTC has grown further to extend the call for communion in other channels. I do pray for you guys from time to time to be steadfast and humble at the same time to call others back to our fold….

  6. Listened today and enjoyed it; thanks.

  7. Please submit the podcast information to [email protected] so it is available to Windows Phone users.

  8. Hi Dr Anders,

    Not sure if it is appropriate to leave a feedback here but the download link to the first session (The beginning of the journey) is down. The rest are fine.


    John Tan

  9. Dr. Anders,

    Thank you for the radio program, I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m happily surprised that the word has gotten around fast enough that you seem already to have a pretty good size audience, and a far reaching one at that! Very wonderful! Great job formulating answers without preparation and doing so so calmly, I’m impressed! I could never do that, and have always fumbled terribly when I’ve attempted to share the gospel with the JW’s or Mormons who have come to my door over the years. Keep up the great work!


  10. Hello Dave,
    Today I heard the Catholic Answers Live show you were on a few days ago I have a question about something you said.
    You said we Catholics must be careful to receive Holy Communion at a Catholic Church or we may accidentally give divine worship to bread ( I hope I am not misquoting you ).
    Over on Tim Kauffman’s ( ant-Catholic ) blog he accuses us of Bread Worship. I have told him we are not guilty of such. I said even Lutherans aren’t guilty of this even though they don’t have the real Presence and even concede the bread remains in the Eucharist along with Christ. I said one cannot accidentally or inadvertently worship anything they don’t intend to worship. Both Catholics and Lutherans worship Christ because He is the object of our intended worship, not bread.
    Could you please address this?
    Thanks, Jim

  11. Hi Jim,

    There is a difference between the objective rightness or wrongness of an act, and our personal culpability. Thus, if I received communion unknowingly from a “priest” who lacked valid orders, I would not actually receive Christ, but neither would I be personally responsible for any sin.


  12. Susan,

    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    God bless,


  13. I love the new radio show, Called to Communion, and recommend it to every Christian who is interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith!

  14. Dave, today I was listening your show , and you were explaining about how is the interpretation of scriptures from the view of protestants and specifically from reformers Luther and Calvin comparing to how catholics we interpret the Bible, I couldn’t get the whole info , is there a podcast or some literature from your own?

  15. I thought you might enjoy a recent story about this issue if “gender identification” which circulated recently. A Nebraska school was called out on national media for a proposed “Gender Inclusivity” program which suggested calling middle school students “purple penguins” instead of boys or girls. It turned out to be only partially true – yes, this is a real program, a real proposal – but no, this particular school will not be calling students purple penguins.

    Here is a link to the Snopes article which sorts out the facts:

    Enjoy! Love your new show – you have a marvelous way of bringing the “hay down to the goats,” as Fr Pacwa would say!

  16. Alejandro, re #14,

    I would check out this video. It includes much of the information you’re hoping to here:

  17. Regarding the piercing of Jesus on the cross: the Romans knew that a blow to the right side of the chest would enter the heart and cause rapid death. In Jesus’ case he was already dead when the soldier pierced his side, but because the spear opened his heart, the blood came from the heart itself and the water which emerged indicated that he had a lot of pericardial fluid (in the membrane around the heart) which would have been painful as the heart itself would have been compressed by it in the hours before his death.

    The church uses the passage from Ezekiel about the water flowing from the temple in Ezekiel’s vision (Ez 47:1) to refer to Christ: “I saw water flowing from the right side of the temple..” Also in the Mass, the elevation of the elements after consecration has the priest (or the deacon) holding the chalice to the right of the paten.

    So even though we do not have a direct Biblical statement regarding the piercing being on the right side, the historical evidence is strong for that “tradition” in artistic representations.

  18. Luv the programme it meant so much to me.I have download and listen to it everyday.thanx

  19. I’m learning each and every day that I’m listening to you from Namibia(Swakopmund) my life is changing for the better. May our Lord keep you save for the work that you are doing in His name. God bless

  20. Hello Dr. Anders,
    I love your show and was listening today when I heard you say that the Blessed Mother was conceived in the usual way but, without sin. I happen to be a huge fan of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and thought you might be interested to know that according to her visions the conception was miraculous yet not virginal (since St. Anne already had other children). According to her, Mary was conceived under the Golden Gate of the temple when St. Anne and St. Joachim embraced. They were in a supernatural state. She says that she was conceived in the way people would have been conceived if it had not been for the fall. I know that Catholics are not required to believe in visions or mystics but, I am a big believer in Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions. Just thought you might find that interesting. Thanks and God bless,

  21. Mrs. Geiser,

    Thank you so much for listening and for your kind words. Thank you also for directing my attention to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions.
    God bless you,

    David Anders

  22. Hello Dr Anders,
    My question is: can Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1 be used to prove he did not have brothers and sisters?

  23. Dear Dr. Anders,
    I recently, brought an mp3 player, and I have since downloaded so many shows from ewtn, including you show, called to communion, which I love to listen to. I am a cradle Catholic, and attend mass as much as possible. I have a question about the church, seeing Mary, as a perpetual virgin. Because Mary was conceived, without original sin, and she was without sin, and because of what God told eve, in genesis, after she had sinned, that now you shall have pain in childbirth, isn’t it possible, that God had planned for eve, to have babies, in a different way, before she sinned, not in the way that women have babies as we know, let’s say, for example, to just come through the womb, and not vaginally, I mean anything is possible with God, right, and maybe that’s the way that Jesus was born, in a miraculous way, so mary, suffered no pain. Could you email me back, and let me know what you think? thank-you. my email : [email protected]

  24. Dr. Anders,

    As a ‘cradle-to-grave Catholic,’ I would like to thank you for your conversion
    to our beloved Faith. In the not-to-distant past, I had noticed a growing malaise among our Faith.
    Almost a great divide among those who treat the Faith like a precious gemstone
    and others that seem to come to Mass kicking and scratching. As if they had
    forgotten the beauty and wonder of every tradition that makes up our faith.
    Perhaps it is just the weight of the current state of the world bearing down upon
    them. Nevertheless, I truly believe that wonderful, faith-filled converts like
    yourself are exactly what our Father has ordered to bring
    new life into his Church. Your Biblical knowledge brings great credibility to our
    Faith. Catholic credibility that is often mocked or seen as non-existent among our Protestant
    Brothers. Your program is the most informative and enlightening
    hour that I spend in my day. You are educating both faithful Catholics about the
    wonderful Faith and tradition that many are unaware of and, at the same time, are
    convincing many Protestants to take a good look at our Faith. My faith has grown
    even stronger because of your program. As the Jesuits so aptly teach….by questioning
    your faith, you can only strengthen it. The Truth will always be the Truth. And that
    Is why you are so effective. You are clearly a man of the Truth.

    May God bless you and keep you safe so as to
    continue spreading the true word of his Church.

    Your Brother in Christ
    Tom Carter

  25. I listened to your show on Monday and it was said that we must earn our salvation. That seems to be in direct contrast with Ephesians 2: 8-9 “Because it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith; not by anything of your own, but by a gift from God; not by anything that you have done, so that nobody can claim the credit.” How can church doctrine be opposition to the Holy Scriptures?

  26. Hello, Dr. Anders, I’ve been listening to your radio show through the EWTN app at work for the last several weeks and I have a question. I am 41 and returned to the Church in the last two or three years after nearly 20 years away from the Church. I’m a cradle Catholic and since I’ve returned to the Church and learned about my faith, the more I want to learn. My question is, I have a brother who is just four years younger than me, but he has gone from one woman to another since he a teenager. Thank God he only has the one daughter that myself and my mother have practically raised. I had to fight him just to her Sacraments done. She completed her Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation last Easter Vigil. He’s using the excuse of going to school to not look for a job, sleeps on our couch, contributes nothing to the family or his daughter and is currently involved with a 25 year old girl. My mother doesn’t really say anything because she says she doesn’t want to the confrontation. I have told her that once she passes on that I will not do for my brother what she has done because I’ll barely be able to take care of myself. I will gladly take care of my niece, but not him. Do I really have any obligation to my brother other than offering to always have a meal for him, but I will not allow him to live with me and disrespect me as he has our mother?

  27. I am Catholic, but have never been ok with the marian apparitions. First, why would Mary say “My immaculate heart will triumph.” The most humble of handmaidens would always refer to the power of God, not herself. Yes ask for her to pray for and with us, but I think we should be careful and not say pray “to” Mary.

    Second, why would the real Mary reveal secret? Jesus did nothing in secret. Why did the Church allow these apparitions to be called miracles?

    Last, when our Lord rebuked the person in the crowd about blessing the one who bore and nursed him, saying blessings to those who hear the word of God and keep it. Don’t you think it is better to do what he said?

    Thank you

  28. Angela –

    It’s OK to speak of “praying to” Mary, because “praying” is often just synonymous with making a request of someone. Think of phrases like, “Pray tell,” or “I pray you…” The word itself says nothing else about Mary, except that we believe she can hear and answer us from heaven. But if you prefer to say that we ask Mary to pray for us, to clarify the issue for those who misunderstand Marian devotion, I see some wisdom in that. I often do it, too.

    Jesus Himself commanded demons to be silent about who He was, and He also told at least one man he had healed to “tell no one” about what He had done. The Church calls the first 30 years of his life “hidden.” It’s incorrect to say that He did nothing in secret.

    Jesus was also praising Mary when he rebuked the person in the crowd who cried out blessings upon His mother. He noted that his mother was not wonderful simply because she carried him in her womb and nourished him with her breasts, but also because she heard His word and kept it. This gives courage to the rest of us who were not privileged to be so close to Him during His earthly life.

    We don’t always know why God chooses Mary to do things and why He doesn’t just do them Himself, but He does. She was a humble handmaiden, but shortly after she stated the bit about her humility, she made a rather grand statement about herself, too: “all generations will call me blessed.” It’s probably better to think of statements regarding her power simply as statements of fact, rather than as statements elevating her above God. If the truth about her is grand, it’s because God has made it so.

    Glorifying Mary does not take away anything from God. It only adds marvel upon marvel as we observe how He takes a poor young woman and fashions her into a living temple, a mother for Himself, a spring of salvation for us, and a queen for heaven.


  29. Angela,

    I understand where you are coming from. But it is not automatically “pride” when someone lauds the gifts of God. Think of St. Paul who exhibited tremendous humility in his suffering, but still was able to affirm the following

    “Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.” (2 Tim 4:8)

    Paul talks about his royal destiny in terms of being “crowned” with glory, as well as that of all the saints. We obtain it through humility, as did the Blessed Mother, but it is not a shift to pride to exhibit God’s exalting of the humble.

    Think of the royal words of the Angel Gabriel, who lived in Heaven with God way before Mary was even born, and yet he says “Hail, fully of grace!”. The Angel recognizes something unique and distinct about Mary. The King of Heaven will be mothered by this young handmaiden. That’s a tremendous lifting up of the humble.

  30. Dr. Anders,

    Please help! I’m being called to the Catholic faith, but my wife is balking quite a lot! We ran into a question regarding holy orders and validity of sacraments, etc… (we’re currently Episcopalian).

    The question is:

    If the Catholic church regards a properly formed trinitarian baptism as valid, even though administered by a protestant “pastor,” then how can we believe that ONLY holy-ordered Catholic priests can administer other holy-sacraments (ie – Eucharist, absolution, etc…)? Why isn’t baptism required to be administered by an apostolic successor?

    Thank you so very kindly for your help!

    In His grip,


  31. Scott,

    Thanks for your note.

    Baptism is the sacrament that makes us members of the body of Christ. In baptism, we are all equally members of the Body of Christ (no slave, no free, no male/female, jew/gentile, etc.) Holy Orders do not make us members of the body of Christ and do not exist to make us equal, but rather unequal. Holy Orders convey a power and authority that is not possessed by all the baptized, but rather a teaching, ruling, and sanctifying office that is conveyed by the laying on of hands. The church is organized as a society, and the principle of unity within any society is authority. The authority within the church is hierarchical, not democratic or egalitarian. Hence, the power to convey that authority is contained within that authority.

    This is clear both from Scripture (Acts, and the pastorals) and Sacred Tradition.


  32. Scott,
    I suppose you do not live near any Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter community, do you?
    As this has been established specifically for former Episcopalians/Anglicans, the transition from Episcopal environment (especially for ‘balking’ people) is usually much easier then. And all the Ordinariate priests are former Episcopalian or Anglican priests.

  33. Hello Angela,
    In #27 you asked about Mary and her Immaculate Heart. At Fatima she said, ” God wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart”. She did not say , “I wish…” .

  34. Dr. Anders,

    That you even answered my question goes a long way toward reconciling my trust in the direction that our Father is leading me.

    Specifically…, thank you for THAT alone! <3

    The unifying priciple of authority within a society makes complete sense to me, and appears irrefutable, given the clear statement to Peter in Matthew 16:18. Please clarify for me why holy orders are NOT required to perform baptism. I think THAT is the crux for my wife, and could be the very mustard seed from which an endless variety of possibilities can come to fruition.



  35. Dr. Anders,

    Just a note to thank you for the show and your ministry. I have learned so much, you teach in a way I seem to remember! Your program is truly a wonderful addition in the tradition of the EWTN greats!

    The other day, a fellow at Lowe’s took care of scheduling an estimate for me. In the course of our conversation, he noticed my crucifix and asked where I went to church. Turns out, he is a pastor at a non-denominational Christian church in town. He asked if I would mind answering some questions about Catholicism, and in large part thanks to YOU, I was able to actually articulate a fairly coherent explanation of our belief about salvation through faith vs works; and why we “pray” to Mary. It was a lovely, heartfelt conversation.

    So thank you for your ministry – you are making a difference using your gifts and talents, the Lord is multiplying them in ways you will never know – but thought you might enjoy a little anecdote as food for your journey! May God bless you! MJ

  36. MJ,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you are enjoying the show. Thank you also for explaining our beautiful Catholic faith at Lowes!

    God bless,


  37. I think this is the answer???


    V. Who Can Baptize?

    1256 The ordinary ministers of Baptism are the bishop and priest and, in the Latin Church, also the deacon.57 In case of necessity, anyone, even a non-baptized person, with the required intention, can baptize,58 by using the Trinitarian baptismal formula. The intention required is to will to do what the Church does when she baptizes. The Church finds the reason for this possibility in the universal saving will of God and the necessity of Baptism for salvation.59 (1239-1240, 1752)



  38. What can a parent do when an adult child wants to marry a non-baptized person who is causing drama in the family. This person has gone as far as to say that she wished another person in my family were dead. There is so many, many other red flags.

    Parents are the first educators and I was always taught that this continued until death do we part. My child always loved family and faith. When I see that the child’s soul is in danger and priest and marriage prep classes are not seeing what we see wouldn’t it be my responsibility to do something? My child does not contact us and when we try to contact our child we get no response. We fear for our child that he is totally unaware of the problems this girl is causing. It is almost like he could see and now is blind. His family and the extended families are shocked by his behavior. He was always loving, , caring, charming, smart, wise and just an all around good person.

    Do we go through the chain of command? We have gone to the priest and to the monsignor and now do we take our concerns to the bishop? There are so many impediments to why this couple should not be married.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Parents

  39. How do I email a question to the show?

  40. I listen to your show on YouTube. Thank you for posting these!!!

    But, I have a problem – the sound intermittently breaks for about a half-second, randomly, about one or twice every several minutes. Is that on my side, or is it something you could fix?

    Thank you so much for this GREAT Resource!!!!

  41. I wish Tom Price would stop saying “we don’t pray to Mary”–what else do you call it when we ask her for help or say a rosary? It could be that non-Catholics think of “praying” as meaning only worshipping God, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to limit ourselves to that definition. Tom needs to find a different way of saying it. Or just let David talk. I know Tom feels pressure to comment more now that the show is on YouTube, but I only listen on the radio and wish he would let David take care of the questions. That’s what he’s there for.

  42. Okay now David said my other pet peeve from the show: he mustn’t listen to Father Mitch Pacwa at all who has said repeatedly that there is NO evidence that St. Francis ever made the comment “preach the Word at all times and when necessary use words.” Other speakers/priests have said the same thing. No where in the writings of or about St. Francis of Assisi can this comment be found.

    And Father Mitch’s point in saying this is that it is used too much as an excuse not to preach the Word. Too many people cop out on their duty by saying “well I’m living the Gospel, so I don’t need to say anything.” Sometimes you really do need to say something.

  43. Dear Dr. Anders,
    Today, Shrove Tuesday 2016, you stated that you did not know of any Church position on tatoos. Maybe you were unaware that there are spiritual dangers to tatooing. Fr. Cliff Ermatinger, the exoricist of the Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, tells that many times, the inks used in tatoos are taken to Satanists to be cursed and thus gain permanent entry into the body. He said this is also commonly the case with drugs and porn. I would not be so non-commital in the future on this topic. People have a right to know the truth.
    I disagree that the mutilation of the body is not involved with tatooing

    Thank you and may God grant you a blessed Lent.

  44. Dear Dr. Anders. Just wanted to thank all who are involved in making called to communion the great show that it is. I listen to it when ever I have the chance and have already told many family members and friends about you guys. I really learn a lot from it but still struggle sometimes in trying to keep the catholic faith strong. I’ll give an example, yesterday I was trying to change my tv channel to EWTN but before I got there, I went to Hope channel and an evangelist speaker was talking about the mark of the devil or 666 and as you probably know he ended saying it was the Catholic Church Pope. I fill strong about being Catholic then I’ll feel doughting my faith. I feel like I’m in a roller coaster. Is there something out there that can stop that roller coaster for me? Oh the speakers name is Mark Finly. Thank you, may you have a blessed day.

  45. Dear Dr. Anders,

    You have been a great help in my understanding more of the Catholic Faith. I pray that God will give you the grace and the wisdom to continue with what you are doing. It sure does help a lot of catholics and fallen away catholics who did not understand their cathechism or are disappointed by the life of other catholics. You are a blessing.

  46. I would advise that you spend much more time thinking about what Jesus does and says than what the devil may be doing in the world. That will help with doubt.

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