Do We Really Meet Christ in the Sacraments?

Sep 9th, 2014 | By David Anders | Category: Radio


Catholics and some non-Catholic Christians disagree about the nature of the sacraments. Are they merely signs? Do they really conform us to Christ?

Today, on CTC Radio, I hope to discuss these and other issues that divide us. I welcome your calls and feedback.

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I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Fantastic news about the show. Perfect timing…I am starting a new Catholic-Ecumenical radio station at the beginning of the year in a university town in the Southeast and this is exactly the type of content we are going to be showcasing..I’d love to learn more about it. I hope to meet Dr. Anders at the Catholic Radio Association Conference in Birmingham. I’ll try to catch the show tomorrow. Thanks CTC. Here is the radio website for anyone interested:

  2. Dear Dr. Anders I called your show today (Thurs. Dec 4 )
    Because I was nervous, I probably didn’t state my question correctly. My question was about when the priest says the consecration prayer before the bread and wine, should he not bow after he says the prayers (When Christ enters into the eucharist) as a sign of reverence before the Holy God. You said Yes because of the magisterium. I know this is so, and I myself am brought to tears when the prayers are prayed, because of his Grace to me in receiving this mystery.. My question was, Should it “ALWAYS” be done by the priest and if not, should it be taken to the Bishop.
    thank you for your show. I learn a lot. Jody Hudgeons

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