Bryan Cross on The Journey Home (2017)

Aug 31st, 2017 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

In 2011 I received an invitation from the folks at The Journey Home to come tell my story, but at the time I had to decline the invitation because of other responsibilities. This summer I was re-invited, and was traveling through Ohio anyway, so I stopped in Zanesville and sat down with Marcus Grodi, a most gracious host, and described the events leading up to my being received into full communion with the Catholic Church.

In the course of the interview, I refer to concepts and distinctions that we have addressed in greater detail in various Called To Communion posts and articles.

Around the 11th minute in the interview I start discussing ecclesial deism. I’ve explained that in more depth in “Ecclesial Deism.”

In the 21st minute I talk about the notion of being “catholic with a small ‘c’.” On that see my “We don’t need no magisterium: a reply to Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli” and Matt Yonke’s “Too catholic to be Catholic: A Response to Peter Leithart.” On the scandal of particularity see my post titled “Among You Stands One Whom You Do Not Know.”

In the 22nd minute I talk about discovering the concept of schism in the writings of the Church Fathers. I’ve described that in more detail in “Michael Horton on Schism as Heresy.” In that same minute of the interview I talk about the visibility (i.e. unified hierarchical organization) of the Church. I’ve written more about that in “Christ Founded a Visible Church,” co-authored with Tom Brown, and also in “Why Protestantism has no “visible catholic Church.”

In the 26th minute I talk about what counts as a valid ordination. On that question see Tim Troutman’s article titled “Holy Orders and the Sacrificial Priesthood,” and the Apostolic Succession section of my reply to Michael Horton from my interview in Modern Reformation. On the early distinction between bishops and priests, see also the article I co-authored with Barrett Turner and Ray Stamper, titled, “The Bishops of History and the Catholic Faith: A Reply to Brandon Addison.”

In the 31st minute I talked about the notion of picking a confession that matches our interpretation of Scripture, and then treating that confession as if it is authoritative. On that point see my “Clark, Frame, and the Analogy of Painting a Magisterial Target Around One’s Interpretive Arrow.”

In the 33rd minute I talked about the theologically loaded difference between the methods of appealing to the lexicon, compared to appealing to Tradition and the Church Fathers. On that point see my “The Tradition and the Lexicon.”

In the 51st minute I talked about a consumeristic way of approaching the Church. On that point see my post titled “Ecclesial Consumerism.”

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  1. Wow, I’ve been hoping to see you on Journey Home for some years. So happy that you’ve finally appeared.

  2. I just watched Journey Home and truly appreciated your story. As a cradle Catholic who strayed and then made my way back home, I was intrigued and filled with joy as you weaved your way through your journey.


  3. I’m just listening, Bryan. Thank you so much for this. I have been a Catholic for about 22 years now, and Called To Communion has helped me so much – and listening to your talk evokes so much for me of what you and other Catholics have been for me.


  4. Hi Dr. Cross,

    I was happy to see you on The Journey Home program. And I want to echo John Jensen’s sentiment about what this cite means to all of us who have benefitted from your hard work. If you all had not gone through the trouble of breaking down the different dilemmas and providing answers in all the many articles here at CtC, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate as easily as I did. So, thank you very much for everything.

    God Bless You and Your Family!

  5. Bryan,

    I can’t wait to watch this. You may remember me being quite active on the forum here in 2010-11. This site, and YOU, in particular, are the reason I came out of Calvinism into the Catholic Church (through the guidance of the Holy Ghost of course). The article on Mathison’s “Solo” Scriptura was a machine gun of nails into the protestant coffin for me. I will always be grateful for the humble, knowledgeable, and winsome way you explain the Catholic faith. If you are ever in Minneapolis, stop by our FFSP parish (All Saints) and say hello to me and my family. I would love for my wife and 6 kids to meet the man who was instrumental in bringing us into the Church, and I would love to thank you in person. I still get emotional after 7 years about this! I am so grateful. Thank you Bryan!

  6. Many, many thanks, Bryan.

    Watching this episode was such a blessing! Sunday (10 SEP) my wife and I will celebrate our one-year anniversary, coming into full communion at St. Michael’s in Lincoln, NE.

    Your journey and your contributions have been HUGELY instrumental in our conversion process of more than a decade. From Mennonite to non-denominational, to PCA and now finally home. Your work has been an endless source of thoughtful consideration and encouragement!


  7. Bryan,

    You don’t know me, but I’m a good friend of Matt Yonke’s. I grew up a PK in the OPC. My wife and I came home to the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil of 2016. You were a very large part of my journey thanks to your philosophical and logical articles found on this website. I just want to say thank you for your tireless efforts and your patient, charitable arguments. And thank you for (finally) talking with Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home! I enjoyed hearing your journey very much. Please continue to write and post on Called to Communion.

    May the Lord bless you richly.


  8. I also echo the comments of others that the articles and dialogue here were very influential in my own journey. I followed a similar path from Pentecostal to Reformed to Episcopal and finally home to the Catholic Church. It took many years but returning to this site over and over again and gradually absorbing what was offered here with charity and clarity made a huge impact.

    Thanks, Bryan.

  9. Dear Mr. Cross:

    As a spanish craddle catholic I had zero knowledge of the true reformed positions until I found this page and your articles. I am most thankful for all the good this webpage does in order to reconciliation and clarification between the Curch and all separated baptismal brothers.

  10. As a relatively new Catholic (Easter 2011) I am indebted to you for all your excellent articles! It was great to see you on the Journey home!!!

  11. Mr. Cross, that was an excellent Journey Home episode with you on it. I just saw it tonight as I try to catch up on my episodes of the show. I had forgotten about this website. I used to visit every so often. Thank you for your interesting conversion story and reminding me about Called to Communion.

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