New Book on Marriage from David Anders

Jun 13th, 2018 | By David Anders | Category: Blog Posts

Becoming Catholic transformed my experience of marriage.

For a description, please see the videos below.

Link to the Book Here

And Here

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  1. Becoming a Catholic saved my marriage!


  2. Hi there Dr. Anders,

    I read from this site almost religiously;) before converting almost 6 years ago and am so very appreciative of the contribution of all the authors, but I want to thank you and you wife personally for opening up your private life and imperfect marriage to help others. I haven’t read your book, yet I intend to buy it very soon, because I am more and more certain after seeing your interview on At Home with Jim and Joy, that it will be beneficial if a person is really interesting in saving their marriage. My husband and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary, and so far we aren’t were we could be, but the healing is happening a little at a time.

    In relation to what I’m sure will be a very pastoral tone in the book, I want to thank you for what you give in that way on your radio program. I don’t usually listen to it, but after receiving some tremendously helpful wisdom on the 16th when you spoke about a proper understanding of God as Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, I experienced a breakthrough from an unhealthy fear of God, and believe I can get more balance in my life because of this. I’ve understood for a long time that I loved God and was drawn to him because of the transcendentals, but I was still compartmentalizing God from His attributes( I think?). Anyway, as I suffer with religious OCD and have been praying for relief, something to make me not obsess about my every move and question whether I can really know myself to be able to cooperate with grace , I wanted to thank you for your insight about how anthropomorphizing God can negatively affect how we relate to Him. Your pastoral manner makes your program more edifying than doing mere apologetics, and so I will continue to listen!
    Hope you will consider writing a book to help people who have been wounded by an unhealthy view of God whether because their own father’s failure to represent Him rightly or because of a confused theology( Calvinism). In my case, it was a the result of both.

    Thank you!
    Susan Vader

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