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2014 Called to Communion Retreat

Jul 19th, 2014 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a number of Called to Communion contributors came together in Steubenville, OH, for a retreat partim spiritual renewal, partim business meeting, partim face-to-face fellowship.

Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation of the Petrine Office

Feb 11th, 2013 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

Today the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, announced his renunciation of the Petrine office effective at the end of February, 2013. You may listen to Benedict read his announcement in Latin at the bottom of the link above. You may also find here the English translation of Cardinal Sodano’s response as seen in the video.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Day Six, “Walking beyond Barriers”

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

To say that there are barriers between Christians presupposes that there is a good the attainment of which is hindered by those barriers. Consider someone telling me that an annoying co-worker, always stopping by the cubicle and going on about The Voice, is a barrier. It would not take much thought for me to recognize […]

Wheaton Joins Catholic Schools in Opposing HHS Mandate

Jul 19th, 2012 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Unity in the News

The Wall Street Journal has published an op-ed jointly written by the president of Wheaton College, Philip Ryken, and the president of the Catholic University of America, John Garvey. They explain why Wheaton has decided to join the over forty Catholic dioceses, colleges, and other groups in opposing the violations of the constitutional right to […]

Sola Scriptura or Non Habemus Papam? A Further Response to Michael Horton

Jun 14th, 2012 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

“…and so you see, the concept of nothingness employed by these modern physicists is not ‘nothing,’ but is something. Thus the arguments of Hawking and the like do not refute the arguments for why God is necessary for creation. They still have not answered the question of why there is something rather than nothing because […]

Calvin, Trent, and the Vulgate: Misinterpreting the Fourth Session

Jun 13th, 2011 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

*Update* I have made finding my responses to critics easier by linking to them at the end of the post. When I first began to take interest in theology, and in Reformed theology in particular, during college, I learned the story of how the Catholic Church closed herself off to serious study of the Holy […]

Heaven on Earth? Conference at Regent College

Apr 14th, 2011 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Unity in the News

Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, will host a conference dedicated to the recent trend of theological or spiritual reading of Sacred Scripture. The conference will run 16-17 September 2011. Presenters include notable Protestant scholars Kevin Vanhoozer, Peter Leithart, Hans Boersma, and Iain Provan, as well as Catholic scholars Brian Daley, SJ, R. R. Reno, […]

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas: the Mystery of God and the Mystery of the Eucharist

Jan 28th, 2011 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

Today, January 28th, is the feast day of one of the Church’s greatest theologians, Thomas Aquinas (c.1224-1274). For his penetrating syntheses of faith and reason, nature and grace, and speculative, practical and spiritual theology, he is known as the doctor communis, the Common Doctor among the bright and God-consumed minds of the Catholic tradition.

2nd Annual Essay Contest for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Jan 5th, 2011 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

We here at Called to Communion are happy to announce the second annual essay contest in preparation for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Readers may remember that we held this contest last year in order to facilitate dialogue at a time when the Catholic Church encourages all Christians to pray for the reunion […]

“Pelagian Westminster?”

Jun 30th, 2010 | By Barrett Turner | Category: Blog Posts

The following essay is a guest contribution by Barrett Turner. Barrett completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia. This Spring he graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary with an M.Div. This Fall he will be pursuing his doctorate in moral theology at the Catholic University of America. He lives with his wife and son […]