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The Scriptures, the Spirit, and the Sheepfold: A Reply to Dr. Wes Bredenhof

Apr 30th, 2017 | By Guest Author | Category: Blog Posts

Jeremy de Haan was born and raised in the Canadian Reformed Churches, and completed a Master of Divinity at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario in 2016. In his fourth year of seminary, Jeremy discovered more deeply the Catholic roots of the Reformed tradition and the way in which that tradition necessarily depends […]

Clark, Frame, and the Analogy of Painting a Magisterial Target Around One’s Interpretive Arrow

Jan 14th, 2014 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

Westminster Seminary professor R. Scott Clark recently wrote a post titled “Should I buy it? (1),” in reference to John Frame’s recently published systematic theology text. Frame is currently a professor of systematic theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando. In his post Clark describes “two competing approaches to Reformed theology” as it exists […]

The Catholic and Protestant Authority Paradigms Compared

Jun 24th, 2012 | By Guest Author | Category: Blog Posts

This is a guest post by Ray Stamper. Ray lives near Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Amanda and five children. After an early conversion to Christ, Ray began pursuing Old Testament studies at Oral Roberts University. However, being unprepared to cope with the skeptical philosophical bias latent in much of the “higher critical” literature in […]

“Too catholic to be Catholic?” A Response to Peter Leithart

May 24th, 2012 | By Matt Yonke | Category: Blog Posts

Dr. Peter J. Leithart, fellow at New St. Andrews College and pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho, recently posted an article at his blog that has caught the attention of many who participate in the ongoing Protestant-Catholic dialog. Last year Leithart faced disciplinary charges before the PCA for his Federal Vision theology, though […]

Underlying Disagreements in ECT Evangelicals’ Objections to the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception

Dec 8th, 2011 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

Today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Last year, immediately preceding this Solemnity, Taylor posted “Mary Without Sin (Scripture and Tradition),” and on the Feast I posted “Mary’s Immaculate Conception, in which I included podcasts of Prof. Lawrence Feingold’s lecture and Q&A on this dogma. Those two posts provide evidence for the Catholic dogma, […]

From Calvin to the Barque of Peter: A Reformed Seminarian becomes Catholic

Nov 21st, 2011 | By Jason Kettinger | Category: Blog Posts

This is a guest post by Jason Kettinger. For the past ten years Jason Kettinger was a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. He received baptism in 2001, and spent his college days as a fruitful member of Reformed University Fellowship, before graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in political science […]

We don’t need no magisterium: A reply to Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli

Nov 19th, 2011 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

Mark Galli is the senior managing editor of Christianity Today. Two days ago he published an article titled “The Confidence of the Evangelical: Why the Spirit, not the magisterium, will lead us into all truth.” Galli notes that a number of well-known Evangelicals have become Catholic, and acknowledges the attraction of the Catholic magisterium for […]

Reformation Sunday 2011: How Would Protestants Know When to Return?

Oct 29th, 2011 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

Imagine that the Occupy Wall Street protest continued for years, during which time the community of protesters divided into different factions, each with different beliefs, different demands, and different leaders. But the protests continued for so long that the protesters eventually built makeshift shanties and lived in them, and had children. These children grew up […]

Controversies of Religion

Sep 20th, 2011 | By Tom Brown | Category: Blog Posts

I. The Reformed Position: The claim in the Westminster Confession of Faith that all controversies of religion ultimately are to be determined by the Holy Spirit speaking in Sacred Scripture contradicts the testimony of the Church Fathers, who repeatedly teach the necessity of judging such controversies by way of the Church and Sacred Scripture. The […]

A Reflection on PCA Pastor Terry Johnson’s “Our Collapsing Ecclesiology”

Aug 7th, 2011 | By Bryan Cross | Category: Blog Posts

Terry Johnson Terry Johnson, senior minister of Independent Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Savannah, Ga., wrote an article titled “Our Collapsing Ecclesiology” in the March issue of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s magazine New Horizons. The article is well worth reading, because it examines the recent trends in Evangelicalism away from attendance in Sunday morning services, even […]