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Exposing the Blind Side: A Reverted Catholic Looks Back

Jan 1st, 2014 | By Guest Author | Category: Blog Posts

Gustavo Martin-Asensio was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, in a traditional Catholic family of four. He discovered Evangelicalism while a high school exchange student in West Virginia, and immediately became an avid student of the Bible. Gustavo pursued wholeheartedly the study of the Scriptures, obtaining a masters degree (MCS) in biblical languages from Regent […]

No Argument of the Emptiness: Edwards and Irenaeus on the End of the World

Mar 19th, 2009 | By Neal Judisch | Category: Blog Posts, Featured Articles

The Divine goodness is the end of all corporeal things because the entire universe, with all its parts, is ordained towards God as its end, inasmuch as it imitates, as it were, and shows forth the Divine goodness, to the glory of God. Reasonable creatures, however, have in some special and higher manner God as […]